Making the most of this tutorial

To make the most of this tutorial, it would be useful to take time now to think about clinical scenarios that relate to your practice, and that you can use throughout the tutorial to apply the concepts we discuss. You will then be guided through the EBVM cycle, and by the end of the tutorial may have answered a real problem you have encountered!

Clinical examples could arise by considering the following:

  • A recent journal article that recommends a different diagnostic method or treatment protocol from that which you currently use
  • A particularly challenging or unresolved case
  • New marketing material you have received from a pharmaceutical company
  • A need for new practice protocols, or to review existing ones
  • Questions arising from case discussions within the practice
  • An area in which you know you would like to develop your skills
  • A disease you and your colleagues approach differently in terms of diagnostics or therapy
  • A disease process you treat that you feel has unsatisfactory outcomes
  • A case report or publication you are keen to work on

We encourage you to write out two to three examples, making the thought or question as precise as possible. Then, at the end of each chapter, try to apply the skills that have been covered to your example.