Clinical applications

There are increasing applications for EBVM in veterinary practices.

In the UK, the RCVS now requires some level of clinical governance in all accredited practices (e.g. monitoring the outcome of cases and acting on the results). Instituting clinical governance across the profession is still in its early days, but there is already a clear need to incorporate the EBVM principles into practice in order to evaluate data and decide whether changes are needed.

Similarly, more practices are developing protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of common conditions for the regularly seen species. In many areas, these protocols will, by necessity, be based on the clinical experience of the practitioners, as this may be the only form of evidence available. However, as EBVM is incorporated into veterinary practice and quality scientific evidence becomes available, it is reasonable to expect that such protocols will instead be developed using the principles of EBVM.

Another time that it is useful to employ EBVM principles is when reading marketing materials and deciding which drugs to stock in the practice and use when treating specific cases, as well as what diagnostic tests to run. It may be useful to evaluate the studies cited by leaflets or advertisements to determine whether the products they promote confer a benefit to your patients.