I – Intervention: treatment, prognostic factor or exposure

What is the main subject of interest?

You might be interested in a specific treatment, a factor that will indicate prognosis in a disease process, or the association of a certain exposure with disease, depending on the question. These interventions are often considered with their matching comparators – something you might compare against the group receiving the intervention (see the next page for further information about comparators).

Question Intervention
Which diet is best to feed cats with chronic renal disease? Feeding a renal prescription diet
Which diagnostic test is most reliable for diagnosing fascioliasis in dairy cattle? Milk ELISA
Does sex affect survival in flat-coat retrievers with cancer? Being male
What are the risks of general anaesthesia in ferrets? General anaesthesia by triple injectable agent
What is the prevalence of cardiac disorders in Welsh Section A mountain ponies? Being a Welsh Section A mountain pony