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EBVM Learning

This tutorial introduces the concepts of Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM), and aims to give you a foundation from which you can start to apply EBVM to your own veterinary work.

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About the tutorial

After a general introduction to the principles of EBVM, each chapter explains one of the five main principles of the methodology. These chapters include detailed examples, opportunities for you to reflect on what you’ve learned, and quizzes for you to check your understanding. Each chapter will take approximately an hour to complete in full.

The development work on this tutorial was completed by the EBVM Learning project team on 30th October 2015. It was launched at the RCVS Skills Day 2015 and is now managed by RCVS Knowledge.

A PDF version of this tutorial is available to download [PDF 2Mb]

About the authors

RCVS Knowledge The tutorial was written by veterinary educators and practitioners from the EBVM Network, and is supported by RCVS Knowledge