So who’s doing it?

There are a number of groups taking the lead on EBVM internationally.

The Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine Association is an international membership organisation through which members of the profession can contribute to activities and discussions, and access resources related to EBVM.

The Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham is a multidisciplinary team of veterinary and non-veterinary, clinical and non-clinical veterinary researchers working in a number of areas.

In 2013, the charitable arm of the RCVS re-branded itself as ‘RCVS Knowledge’, with a major mandate being to promote EBVM internationally to the profession and publishes an online resource Veterinary Evidence. RCVS Knowledge has also established the EBVM Network, a global network of like-minded people combining to develop the practice and science of EBVM.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg – numerous practitioners and groups are working fervently on disseminating the ideas of EBVM to the wider veterinary community – perhaps it’s time for you to join them?