How will assessing help clinical practice?

Assessment of EBVM is evaluating the effectiveness of the EBVM process, or the impact of the implementation of new processes or protocols, in clinical practice, for the benefit of veterinarians, clients and patients alike.

Whether it is implementation of a well-researched new treatment, diagnostic or biosecurity protocol or simply reflection on a series of cases that were managed in a particular way in order to better understand how that management might be improved, if we don’t reflect on what we are doing, our practices may remain stagnant and become rapidly outdated.

It is important to appreciate that EBVM is neither dogmatic nor static. It is a tool to help us improve our clinical practice. To achieve this goal, we need to assess whether the process is helping us in our clinical decision-making in an effective manner. Our time and effort is a cost associated with our practice, and the tools and resources we use help us to optimise the benefits we get from our efforts.

Part of our assessment may well seek to identify clinical decisions (and the information needs related to those clinical decisions) that will lead to the greatest benefit for our patients. An important outcome of assessment is the identification of areas where there are deficits in the evidence base as well as the ability to identify actions we might undertake to help address those deficits.